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I created a workbook based on the workshop I hosted called "planning party." This workbook has question to think about on how you set you goals in a variety of areas. Career, financial, spiritual, emotional, friendship, habits, lastly rest & fun. These are all important to your life. We do not want the focus to only be exterior. On top of the questions that you get, you are given two templates for each category. (1 extra set of blank ones for other categories) The first template isa goal template. With questions about your specific goals, the smaller ones, things you will give up, to do list, and more. The second template is a timeline. you fill out the time frame for months. I designed it in 4 to divide the year, but you can change it up. 



All proceeds of these purchases are going to building more materials and growing the ministry. 

Planning Workbook

  • The purchase of this workbook is final sale. 

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