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Thinking about taking a faith move? Don't get ahead of God or the process. Use this time to let him mold things within you and to prepare. Move when he tells you to move. The faith walk is not always an easy walk. Anyone that tells you that is sugar coating it. some of the things God convicted me in are in this video. It is a bit of tough love, but this is the tough love God gives me too. I hope it helps!

Topic: Rest

I was invited to speak at my friends Bible Study Group called Invading Spaces. This was an opportunity that God gave me to speak about REST! This is something that I continue to grow in. I learned that rest is about trusting God. The culture tells us to hustle all of the time and God gives us permission to rest. (not be lazy) Tune in to hear more about what the Bible says about rest and what I have experienced in the process.


About Invading Spaces: Invading Spaces is a Christian ministry in California.

Where the Kingdom of God INVADES culture.

We INVADE the SPACES that God allows us to enter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently we meet via Zoom. Check Instagram for the latest info: @invading_spaces

Relationship: triggers, boundaries,

communication & attachment styles.

We discussed some things on relationships. How to cope with triggers in your relationships. What do healthy boundaries look like in relationships and different ‘attachment styles.’ Plus much more. I am super excited to talk about some of these topics, that need more of a light shed on them.

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Healing in your brokenness


There are many people struggling to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts. Join us in our virtual Bible study, to help give you some tools to begin the process on becoming a healthier you! Healing requires you looking within and doing the work. Brokenness caused by different areas of life; Health, work, love, & more!

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