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Purpose Airlines

Here we focus on 3 topics. Developing our faith in Jesus Christ. Healing in different areas

of our lives and improving the relationships in our life. God came to give us a more

abundant life and itis our time to take advantage of that. 

        Just in case no one told you this today:
You matter,
I see your progress,
& You are WAY stronger

than you think!

Purpose Airlines

Praying Together




Picnic in Park


What's New?



In The midst of so much drama when it comes to #friendships I think its important that we think of multiple things. What part we play in it, growth, #boundaries, communication, separation and #healing. Join me as I put some nails on a have a chat with y'all. 

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Blog Post

Have you heard a friend talking about wanting to go back to a situation that they once complained so much about when they were in it? Let's bring a little Bible into it... Have you ever read the Bible and judged the Israelites for wanting to go back to their old land when they were already on their way to The Promise land...

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