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Holiday Coping

Hey everyone! I hope you are finding some peace in your soul today. If you're having trouble coping in this time know that many of us are maneuvering in these difficult emotions and circumstances. I urge you to find healthy ways to cope with this holiday.

I am not going to ignore that holiday time can ignite pain, memories, desires, & more. I want you to be safe. Know that you are loved & you matter. You have a purpose to be here on this earth.

So if no one told you that or to fight for your life, your 'internet sis' is telling you.

Evaluate what you need in this season.

-Unplug if you're getting info overload or seeing photos of people together is making you upset.

-set some virtual activities/safe in person activities to spend with a loved one. (crafts, games, etc)

-set time for you to decompress if being around too many people or certain people stresses you out.

-watch movies from a time that made you really happy. (ie. The Grinch movie with Jim Carey is one of my favs) This brings nostalgia and makes your body feel similar emotions from that time.

-read a book, throw yourself a little bit into a different world.

-spend time doing some things you love.

-sometimes rest is more valuable than money- recharge and then go to work if you have the option.

-Don't burn yourself out

-Spend some time with God. connect with him to help you with your pain. He can handle your emotions.

-make some yummy treats or food! Having to focus on this project can help your brain and your belly be happy (ie. some cookies!)

-exchange stories with friends or family. Unfortunately, I can't be with my family so my sister thought of us watching some old home videos on Christmas through ZOOM. This should make us laugh at some things.

-some people like to plan for the next year in this time. something positive to look forward to as well.

-Don't drown or neglect your emotions feel them, address, and then get to "work." (work on helping them and then work on doing something else to move forward.)

I'm sure there is something deep within that you know makes you happy. As long as it's not something that causes you to revert back to an unhealed version of yourself/hurt yourself or others.We all have different things that we enjoy. If you cant think of anything, is a great source of ideas!

Last, but def. not least

If you need prayer, please feel free to email me at or message me on IG at

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

*Virtual Hugs or high fives lol*

-Stephanie Gt


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