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Blueberry muffins brought someone back to God

At the end of 2023 I was told by my doctor that I needed to eat gluten so I can get re-tested for celiac. So there started a streak of trying old and new things that I have missed out on for 6+ years.

It started off with so much joy and as many people know sometimes that thing you missed out on gets burned out quick. Or the consequences of your actions speak louder than the joy that comes from indulging in what you have abstained from. This could be with food, sex, or whatever.

Anyways, I had found this vegan blueberry muffin at Whole Foods that was delectable! One day I think I ate all four that came in the box in 24 hours 😣 yikes. Lol that's how delicious they were. They were not mini either.

It was a couple weeks since I had eaten it and I had this, instaitable kind of desire to have them. I was not in the regular part of town close to my Whole Foods so I just used my GPS, to try and get there. As I was on my way, the route seemed wrong and I was questioning where the GPS was taking me.

I pulled up to the WRONG Whole Foods. I was irritated. Not all stores carry the same products so I felt like I was probably wasting my time.

It started to rain and I said I was probably just going to turn around and go home. I felt this tug on my heart that I NEEDED to go in. I grunted and said fine.

I went into the bakery section and found out that they were no longer carrying that item. That they were actually discontinuing the vegan version of the blueberry muffins in the bakeries of Whole Foods. They were o ly going to carry this single wrapped muffin that didn't have the same recipe. I was so disappointed.

I grabbed something else to eat and went to cash register section. I went to the self check out to make it faster. As I was going to pay the lady next to me said that she needed to cancel her transaction because she didn't realize that you couldn't pay cash. I had to do the same since I only had cash available. The associate suspended our transactions and told us to go to another register with a person on it.

I was walking past each register and feeling a tug to keep walking. Heading no not this one keep walking. at this point I was getting more flustered because I was hungry, I didn't get what I wanted, and now there is a restriction on which register I could go to?! my goodness gracious.

I finally heard God say this register!

So I pulled up and put my food on the conveyer belt. There was also the woman from earlier whose transaction was cancelled. She looked at the chain that the cash register associate had.

She said are you Christian? I see your necklace.

And he and I looked at her seriously, and he said with some concern yes I am.

He said why do you ask? Are you?

She said yes I am.

He said that's great what church do you go to?

She went on to saying she doesn't go to church because she doesn't believe in what certain churches/religions do. But she has a relationship with God.

He's like oh ok that's good that you still have a relationship with God. That's important.

She said yeah, took her receipt, and said you wouldn't go either if you find out more of what churches do. He turned a little red and said well I hope you have a blessed day.

Then I asked him I would love to hear where you go to church because I am new here.

He told me where it was. And said it would be great if I go because they have a wonderful young adults ministry.

I had thanked him. Deep inside I hoped he felt encouraged after my interaction like someone cared what he had to say.

Two weeks later I saw service via website and then today I went in person. I had invited two of my friends. Little did I know what would happen.

We went expecting to hear a word from God and feel his Love, and guuuuurrrrllllll he did exactly that. I felt during service that my friend needed to go up and get prayed over during prayer or alter call. At the end of service they had an alter call. I put my hand on her back and whispered you need to go up. With tears in her eyes she's like no I'm going to cry!

I'm like it's ok, go up God says you need to go. I'll go with you come on. I put muy hand in her back and nudged her to walk. I know how hard it is to go up there, especially when life may feel crazy. You never know what is fully going on in someone's life. I didn't know why God was pushing me to push her.

We went all together. I had her back, it did not matter if I had to walk on hot coals with her, I would do it to get her to that alter!

God led me to speak to a certain woman. My goodness, little did I know that the very things my friend wasn't speaking about was exactly what the woman that was going to pray over her went through!!!! JESUS!!!! I was in awe of what God was doing. I couldn't hear all what they were discussing since I was praying.

The lady and I prayed over my friend, together, my goodness the tears had come out from my friend, the floodgates opened and we prayed harder!

My friend said she wanted to come back to God, really create that relationship with him. She wanted to involve her child as well!!!

My heart was so full. Do you know how powerful that is?!? The encounter she had in this day at this church, not only during service but that altercall?! Whew, when I tell you, your obidence means so much.

You hearing God and following when it doesn't make sense can help change someone's life and people connected to them!

Praise the Lord!

Can you imagine that a blueberry muffin craving... was the start of changing someone's life?! Do not limit Gods ability to use anything and anyone to change someone's life, including your own.

God is so detailed and full of suprises.

So when you say God, use me where you need me, remember that it's sometimes not only in the big things he needs you to say yes. It is also the small things like taking turns at certain places, or speaking to certain people even when we are tired.

God left the 99 for the one. What will you put down to get that ONE?!

No matter where you are in you walk, God can use you. Your story, your job, and your yes to change the world. I love you.

Here is a beautiful song of running back to God.

I'll keep running -Todd dulaney


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