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Moving Mania

As some of you may know I am in a new location. I moved across country, by God's direction.

Moving across the country again was a lot.

Here is a glimpse of what had happened. September 2021 I felt like I needed to take down the decor in my department. I emptied all the picture frames and took down everything else. I started to feel unattached to what I had up. For months I could not find anything that fit perfectly in my mind for the frames. I felt a shift in my life coming but I could not determine what it fully was. Now, I am a creative. I can usually think of things even if it is temporary.

Around Mid-December I felt like I was going to be moving soon. It made sense because Feb, would make 2 years in Cali and April 2 years in my apartment. I knew from when I moved that I was supposed to be there for 2 years. (which one exactly I wasn't sure yet). I put it in God's hands. For the next two months I was admit on finding the answer God had for me. I went to visit my family for Christmas and stayed there for a month. Day in and day out I was frustrated because I did not know what was going on.

My Mother pulled me aside one night and said she needed to talk to me. She proceeded on telling me that God told her to tell me that my time in Cali was over and I needed to move to North Carolina. I jumped back in my seat and said "NO! God told me I needed to be in California. I am not leaving until he personally tells me." Now I was very defensive because some of my family have been trying to get me out go California since I told them I was going. lol. So I thought this was another one of those pleads. (although my mom was very supportive). I loved California... I still do. So even the thought of somewhere I loved was frustrating. No one could convince me otherwise. Trust me friends and family tried to. lol

I remember calling my friend and us praying about it for God to show his will soon since the two year deadline was approaching. I did not want to stay in the apartment or in a place that I was no longer called to be in. I brushed off the statement of NC for another month and a half. I was driving one day and I remember, praying to God. God if you don't want me to be in California anymore then you are going to have to change my heart posture about this place. I love it and I know you put me here. I don't want to go but if you want me to go then help me change my perspective.

Next thing I knew was the sky colors changing to this purple, blue and pink color and this weight lifted off of my chest. Granted I don't recall ever having an experience quite like that with God so it puzzled and amazed me. I was like ok Lord I need you to send me confirmation its really California I am leaving and you are closing the doors here..... Chileeeee

THE--NEXT--DAY I was a little on edge and doing laundry in my complex. I was distracted and left my keys in my apartment. It was late at night and my friend with the spare key was already asleep. I was like God was this your sign of confirmation that the doors are finally closed in Cali and I laughed. I laughed harder because I could see my keys through the window. (see picture lol)

I had to wait over an hour for the locksmith and was left with $3 in my bank account after paying the locksmith. I def cried after this because I was so overwhelmed. Not only was I supposed to leave California, I had to start a new job hunt, my bank account could only afford me a pack of 35 stick gum, and I had no idea what I was going to do. I let the emotions out because at this point keeping it in was not going to help me. I sat on the dryer trying to keep warm and not freak out.

I told my friend/accountability partner about what was going on the following day and what my mother had said. She offered to do a fast with me and us pray for 3 specific confirmations from God to show us if this would be where I was supposed to move. The one I specifically remember was for God to put it in a book. I had actually forgotten about praying this and I started a new audio book later that week. THE FIRST SENTENCE said "located in North Carolina".

Now come on ..... I didn't even remember I had that book. I even threw my phone across the room (onto my bed lol) when I heard the narrator say that. I went back to my phone and replayed it a good 5 times. I thought I was losing it.

God did confirm the other two things I prayed he would send provision, a job, or a place to live. He gave me a deadline and it was within 5/6 weeks. I was STRESSED.

My mother called me and said that a family friend was told by God to let me move in with North Carolina.

I can give you a ton more confirmations and madness, but we would be here a while. One of the things I had been praying for was a spiritual mentor, and little did I know I would be moving in with her. May 1, I headed on my cross country trip for North Carolina. Two weeks on the road and 2 weeks with my mentor/friend. Now for the last couple months I have been in my own spot.

When God tells you to do something, you will have to trust. It may look like the sky is crumbling upon your life at times but it will come together. Trust me. Know that many people can come with a word or good intentions but take it back to God. Move when he tells you to move because he will have things in place. Not always how you may think of it, but there is a purpose for it.

Trust that there was lots of joy but there were lots of tears in this process too. It was not a linear emotion and that is ok. Doing what God wants you to do may not always seem fun, it requires shedding of things that we think we can't handle. There is light on the other side of his obedience.

Now I am a short driving distance from my Bestie, my Goddaughter, and another friend. I never expected to be here, but I am grateful of the blessings I have received. I pray that God shows you why he has you where you are.




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