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Pivot Season

The first 6 months of 2022 was a bit of a wilder ride than I expected. It was full of trials, tribulations, and experiencing new things. Early in 2022 God let me know that I would be leaving California and moving to somewhere new. I was in SHOCK. I knew that I was going to move this year, but not from the last place he sent me. The thing is God sent me to California and I knew from the beginning I had to be there 2 years. After that I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought maybe he would let me stay there, by the beautiful beaches and palm trees. He had other plans.

When I was in HS I wanted to move to LA, but after I visited it. I did not want to live there. When God initially sent me to Los Angles, I was reluctant. It was so different from what I was used to. I ended up having many highs and lows. (for many reasons). The lessons I learned there, I wouldn't trade them for the world. No matter what anyone says about my journey. At the end of the day, it was between me and God so many things I needed to heal from and grow in. I needed to go to the other end of the earth to do it.

The thing about following God, is that there will be things that may not make sense to you or others. Having the right people around you in this season is vital. People that can pray for you when you feel to defeated to do it for yourself. People that can walk with you and help you walk through the trying season. God put people on this earth so we wouldnt go through everything alone. You def. need to rely on God though. Especially when you are being tempted to go against what he said. I am especially grateful for my parents, my family and my spiritual family.

So this season is one of change. A solo trip (driving) across the country to my new location. I honestly didn't want to share my testimony until it looked pretty, but the reality is a lot of us don't have pretty testimonies. We don't always see a quick turn around and without frustration. It drive me crazy when people only see the highlight reel.

With much conviction, I will be sharing my journey on my YouTube channel and on my social medias (IG + TikTOk ) lol. Join me as I venture in to a new season of breakthrough and obdience. A season that I am hoping that changes the trajectory of my life, for the better. I pray that me sharing my story, helps motivate you to follow what God told you to do. Big or small.

Just so you know, because I made 2 big moves that God told me that does not make me perfect or whatever. These moves were not easy, especially doing things on God terms without full plans.

He has one though. Through fear, im trying to just keep walking on that water beside him and tread the water when I slip and take my eyes off God (because it happens). The important part is to get back up!

Take the lessons you learned and ask for help when you need it. Just because it happened one way the last season, it doesn't mean it will be exactly the same in this one. Let's show up unapologetically as who God called us to be. Because you know what, all the madness in this world dares to do it so why not YOU!!!

Sending y'all tons of love in this season. Stay strong, healthy, and safe. <3



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