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Purpose Airlines

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

When you decide to start living your life following Christ and your purpose, you will face challenges. There will be days that you question your faith, decisions, and what you should do next. There are some questions that have come to mind, throughout my journey.

Do you really need another confirmation or are you just scared of being obedient?

Do you need the closure from that relationship, that has shown you time and time again, that they are toxic for you? Do you need to keep this friendship that keeps you bound in all of your old habits? They also secretly don't want you to do better than them, so they don’t cheer as loud when you “one up them.” Do you need to keep taking opportunities that are taking you farther from God or what he assigned you to do?Do you need another confirmation on something that expired last season that you're trying to fit in this seasons luggage?

Sorry, on purpose airlines you only get one personal item.

Here are the stipulations for what you can bring in the personal item: faith, discipline, consistency, adaptability, desire to let God lead, submission to God, healing, and your Bible.

Not allowed/considered weapons:

Soul ties (to any nouns), your past, your old coping mechanisms, avoidance, passiveness, your attitude, gossip, pride, toxic relationships (friends, family, or romantic), distractions,

old ways of thinking, and above all your negative energy.

Riding with Purpose Airlines does not free you from trials, but know you are in great hands!

John 16:33 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Allow God to be the pilot of your life. He has the map of your life and has a better way of getting to your destination than you do. He know what is around the corner that you may not see. He knows a couple years down the line what may happen and why certain things need to be changed. There is a reason for the things God assigned you to accomplish. No detail is too small for God to pay attention to. That includes the small details of your life.

Thank you Lord for guiding me even when I am confused and fear the unknown. Thank you for giving me grace when I want to take control of things. Thank you for teaching me that you are pilot of my life. My flesh is not the only fight I battle, but my mind as well.

Guide me to make decisions out of wisdom.

For my emotions can be far too strong for my own wellbeing.


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