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1 year in California

It’s been 1 year since I moved across the country in faith. Started my time in Cali with no place to live, no job, and just trusting in God.

I’ve faced a lot of things that few know about right now, but one day it’ll be out there. This week I mourn the loss of my uncle, but I simultaneously trying to process the blessings that God has given me in the last year. That is the interesting part of life. It is full of complex situations and emotions. It is important to be able to held space for both. Growing up many people push the narrative that you're either happy or sad, angry or excited, but life isn't that black and white all of the time.

It is ok for you not to have just one emotion. My mother 2 weeks after I left got sick, in my spirit I knew she had covid. We found out a week later, that I was right. I was heartbroken that I was so far from my mami, and could not be there to console, help, or make her laugh. At the same time, we all were happy that I had just left, because my immune system would have been compromised. One thing, multiple emotions. After almost 3 months of prayers, tears, diet changes, medication, and treatments, my mom was covid free. I had to balance the happiness of being somewhere new and everything in my life changing, while also balancing these thoughts for my mother. Hold space for yourself and the complexity of being human.

The hunt for finding a place gave me joy because I was exploring and there was possibility out there. At the same time, it gave me anxiety living in motels, hotels, and at one point I had to leave to TX to my best friend house because the pandemic just hit and the hotel prices surged. I was anxious because when I was in those rooms, I was by myself in unknown areas, not knowing what was next. Hoping that I picked a safe enough place and no one would break into my room or car! Thank God neither of those things happened. I was able to find and get approved for an apartment 2 months after I had left for Ca!! It felt like an eternity, but some things take more time, and there is a reason for the delay.

In the search of a job, during a pandemic and living in one of the highest risk states, God sent me opportunities for people that needed help, with a skill I developed over the years. I ended up launching my own business La Fashionista Creates LLC. This was able to bring some work and joy into my life in the middle of so many unexpected things going on. Some time of clarity when it came to work, instead of just getting ignored from all these other applications.

At the same time, God had me around some amazing people here in CA that helped grow my gifts and prayer life. I was called to lead a few Bible studies, and I also developed my ministry. I did blogs, workshops, Bible studies, and some other connecting events. God will put you to the test, and I was def. refined in this process. I had to keep things pushing for The inner glow up, even when I felt like I was not qualified. I had to spend time with God, because people would come to me for guidance and I needed to answer in a wise and loving way.

I gained wisdom and found so many pieces of myself that were buried for years. I was able to become a lot healthier, which is something I struggled with back in my home state. There were a range of reasons why, different access to food, warm weather, fresh air, better regimen with vitamins, going out for more walks, and much more. When I was in NJ I was in the ER every other month! In the past year I was only in the ER twice. This was a very big deal, because for years that was my normal. I wouldn't have experienced that much of a change if I let the fear of "what if" hold me back.

To hear more about my journey watch my latest video on my youtube channel.

I faced heartbreak, sickness, fear, joy, triumph, anxiety, breakthrough, healing, growth, doubt, faith, and death. Your story will be filled with this and much more. Allow yourself to be part of this wonderful life; complex like the inner workings of our brains.

Here are some lessons of after 365 days that I have learned:

-Hold space for yourself and the complexity of being human.

-When you are following God’s plan it isn’t always linear

-God may answer your prayers in ways you don’t expect

-God can feed and cover the animals and he can do the same for you

-no matter how many times life hits you, get your A** back up!!!

-you wanting to fight everything alone bc of your pride or ego will cost you

-your blessings are within and around you sometimes you have to look harder

-the quiet season he has u “serving” may just be the set of skills teaching you everything you need to use for your season of breakthrough

-God created us to be together... not speaking romantically I mean community. For many reasons

-FIGHT your fears! Everyday!

-God has qualified u and will continue to prepare you for the spaces he is calling you to

-stop discrediting your ability bc he is using you anyway. Despite who you were/are, your qualifications, your struggles. Just obey

-lastly, God will hold you up upon the water. Whatever storm you're in. Keep your eye on him, so u don’t sink.

Stay faith-filled, faithful, and stay blessed♥️

-Stephanie Garcia T

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