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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Happy New Year for those I haven't told yet. You are almost through your "trial month" of 2021. :) Congratulations. When new year hits many people set new goals, habits, and intentions to reset their life. That is not a bad thing, but it can be overwhelming. You may overcommit or not set yourself up up for success being prepared.

This can be in any area of your life, but for the sake of time I will pick one topic. You can subsitute these suggestions with a lot of other things.

You may have said you wanted to do a lifestyle food change IE. going vegan. Here are some potential problems:

-you didn't eat all the non-vegan products in December

-enough food to supplement the calorie difference In your meals

-you didn't plan meals or or even see what you may like

-you didn't start to transition SLOWLY the year before

-you didn't do research

-didn't set a reason why that was firm enough to stick to

-Lastly but certainly not least you didn't set up an accountability partner.

What is an accountability partner?

It is someone who you are honest with about goals, life decisions, and more. This person can be aware of your many goals or just the one that they will keep you accountable for. They will follow up with you, give you tips, motivation, and criticism.

What is your why?

You need multiple reason why your are doing something one one super life changing one. It is easy to fall out of new habit. Even more when you don't have a good foundation on why you are doing something. Are you doing this to be healthier, live a longer life, help the world, break generational patterns, etc. Or is it a fad? Why do you need one? Doing something alone and sticking to it can be sometimes more difficult. There are things you havee a stronger push and consistency, but new habits take time!

How do I find one?

You can have a friend, family member, coworker, or mentor that will be willing to partner with you. Find someone that may be good in the area you are trying to work on. Someone struggling in the same thing, makes it hard for them to push you when they have not gotten out of the same hole. It is not always like that, but it is good to get a fresh pair of eyes. Ask the person if they would be willing to follow up with you. Communicate the type of follow up you need and how often. What it will take to really surpass this. If it is something you need someone to text you everyday, let them know so they know what they are signing up for.

Communication & Vulnerability

Having someone this close requires vulnerability and open communication. You have to be honest on your progression of said choice. "Today I ate chicken, even though I know i'm not supposed to do eat it." Your mess up and owning up to it is VITAL. How can they help if they don't know when or where you are weak? You can text or tell your accountability partner what you ate for your meals. Some go as far as sending photos. Taking the walls downs helps you become closer to them and to your goals. The lack of communication hurts YOU in the end because this is your goal.

Can you take the HEAT?

Well let me tell you having an accountability partner that plays no games is tough. You need to be ready to be told about yourself and OWN it. Tell them how you want them to follow up. Do you need aggressive tough love? Do you need gentle reassurance? Let them know, because if you don't they may take they own approach that may cause you to shut down. You have to be ready. They are doing this because they care about you, they believe in you, you possibly paid them or you asked them to.


You're going to a family event and you didn't bring your own food or communicate your lifestyle change. (I am purposely not calling it just a diet because diets usually have negative connotations with it and are usually paired with people quitting diets. Lack of knowledge/research, planning and prepping. Have you looked up substitutions for your favorite things that resemble the dish and doesn't lose flavor? Prepare also letting your partner know what struggles you may expect in certain places. Will you be more triggered or vulnerable in certain times or places? Plan some smart goals and actions how to get there.


Food envy...Ohhhh yes this is totally real. This is something I struggle with every once in a while due to my many allergies & food restrictions. I can stare someone down and get so jealous and angry that I cannot have what they are having. Having done some research of where we are going out to eat and see what I can eat that I will enjoy is important for me. This way I am not envious. Reminding myself of the good things I can eat and how my body has healed due to my sacrifices in my diet. Taking it as a positive and not only a negative that you "can't eat XYZ", but that you GET TO eat ABC. See the change in perspective?


Yes, I am singing the song in my head as I write this. I want to remind you when you ask someone to be your accountability partner you are using up their time, wisdom, energy and more. They are stopping from doing something for themselves to help YOU. To follow up with YOU. Time is something we can never get back. Unless you are flying across time zones, but thats neither here nor there. lol. Respect them enough if you are making this commitment, to follow through.


This is a tough one, but give yourself some grace for being human. I am not saying just give up on your goal when you mess up or purposely mess up. Just give yourself some credit for how far you have come. Know that you can forgive yourself and do better.

Need some help?

As some of you may know, I am an event planner. For this year I held a planning and how to set intentional goals workshop for you all. Thank you for those that attended. I created a workbook! I outlined what I went over in the workshop, included templates and questions to ask yourself to make a more intentional year with you and you accountability partner. I even included different resources to help you.

If you would like to purchase one head over to my shop. All proceeds will be used to create materials for future workshops and more. PURCHASE HERE

You have got this!! GO set your goals and find your accountability partner!



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