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Activities To Do During Quarantine (especially for families)

Staying inside can drive anyone crazy! Have no fear, CO-VID19 will not hold us back from having a fun time! Whether you're a parent trying to figure out how to keep your kids occupied or you just like to explore creative things like me. I did some research to help you out.

I have listed virtual tours (museums, zoos, aquariums, and national parks), lessons for school, and faith based items (lessons and church services).

Looking at the same 4 walls can be a bore and re-reading the same depressing headlines can cause more anxiety! No Thanks!

I hope this helps you in this season. Share it you don't know who you can help :)

Stay home, bond, learn, stay clean & pray.

With Love,


Virtual trips:

Zoo's & Aquariums

Cincinnati Zoo - Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3pm EDT

Sandiego Zoo- Has some live cams with the beautiful animals

Georgia Aquarium


Guggenheim Museum-Virtual tour (art)

Google Arts & Culture- You can see tons over 2,500 museums artwork and 12 Virtual museum tours!

National Park Virtual Tours

Yosemite National park

Yellowstone National park

Aerospace Tour Discovery

Free Online (school) Courses:

Visually and hearing impaired children Lessons

Homeschooling with worksheets as well

Scholastic is offering FREE online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed

National Geographic

Math & reading

Pre-school -> 5th grade online worksheets

Pbs courses & games

Classes and Physical activity

Social and Emotional Learning

TONS of more resources:


(for kids)

Animated Bible stories, games and more

Bible School Activities

Ministry for kids

Church Services & Videos

(for all)

Transformation Church

Change Church

The Potter’s House

The Bible<-- FOR FREE! (The Bible scriptures, videos and devotionals)

Relax -if you're always on the go this is the perfect time to get REAL REST!

If not eat some snacks, watch some movie,

and catch up on your projects that you

have been procrastinating on. :)


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