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Self-Care Remedies

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The most precious gifts that we are given is another day to breathe on this earth. In a world constantly pulling our attention and every other part of us. It is imperative to have time to recharge yourself. I have included 9 of my top favorite things to do to take care of my health. All aspects, mental, spiritual, physical, & emotional.

Pray- This one may seem like a given, but there are times I don’t even feel that desire to pray. Reminding myself that God, always hears me. He is my Father, my best friend, and my wisest mentor. Taking time to speak to him, let him know about the good and the bad things. Asking him for guidance and protection. Now, anyone can ask God for stuff, but can you also recognize the good? Even when it doesn't seem like they are going well? Give him thanks for everything he has done for you and he will do. I have included My Worship Playlist for you to enjoy.

Unplug- My friend, social media is like that rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland! You go in for one thing and next thing you know you’re 45 minutes in! 75 videos, 178 images and 45 likes later. Did this do anything for me? Did I lose more of my peace and joy? Wait what did I even log onto this for?! Trust me many of us have been there. It is ok to be “aware” of what's going on in the world, but you don't have to be a slave to it. You are not less valid because you don't want to conform to what the world wants you to do 24-7. I refuse to watch the news because it triggers so much fear, anxiety and sadness. I control what I want to put into my spirit and you should too!

Creative Project- Paint, draw, or build some furniture! The right side of the brain is in charge of performing creative tasks and the left is in charge of logic. Doing creative projects has you change gears! There are plenty of creative projects out there. is a wonderful site full of ideas. I love to be able to use whatever is on my mind to influence my work, or just to disconnect from my problems and connect with the project at hand.

Therapy- This is one of the tools that many people don’t want to use. It's all about finding the right one and letting them into your brain. If you are not honest about things going on it defeats the purpose. The one therapist I had that I love helped me organize my thoughts and also gave me anxiety de-escalation techniques. For me that helped because I would always have hundreds of thoughts a minute. Not everyone wants to tell you how to live your life. Speaking with the therapist and vocalizing what you may need will make it a lot easier. Some people go for mental conditions, some for emotional conditions, situational and more. Therapists are just there to help. Here are some resources.

Read- Pick up a book that’ll help you disconnect from life for a little bit. Honestly, my favorite guilty pleasure is murder mysteries. I know. It's so bad!! Little secret about me. I wanted to work as a criminal investigator years ago. Find something in a topic you're interested in. Not sure what to read? Check out My Top Books List

Journal- Let it out! The good, the bad, even the super ugly things that you don’t want to tell people. Journaling is great for when you haven't decided if you want to discuss it with people yet. This gives you an opportunity to dissect your thoughts a lot more. Journaling gave me freedom to get out everything on my mind without getting advice, a remark, or silence, when I wanted to hear something!

Spend time in nature- Go to your local park, beach, or even walk around your neighborhood (if you feel like it is safe). Getting some Vitamin-D from the sun and fresh air is so important for us. My favorite saying is “Humans are basically plants with complicated emotions.” It’s so true! You get a break from looking at a screen and enjoy the beauty of this world! *Mindfulness. Be fully aware of the moment and what is around you. Enjoy the different senses being activated.

Workout- some people don’t like to hear this! Working out helps. Lifting weight, getting some cardio in, or your favorite sport. Working out raises the serotonin in your brain. Which in turns help boost your mood and overall health! If you're angry-lift some weights, if you’re sad...go get some miles in! Working out either makes me forget why i was feeling whatever intense emotion OR it helps me take that energy out on something useful. I helped my body and calming down so I don’t respond in the height of my emotion.

Body-care routine- Face masks, manicure/pedicure, hair treatments, soak in a tub, & massages! Those are some of my favorite body care things. They relax me and remind me to love the body I am in. It is the only one I’ve got. When you get done with these things I feel like a new person. (all are not needed in one day, but if you want to do it, go ahead!)

At the end of it all, self-care should be something that you do that won’t leave with you a bigger problem than the original problem (if you had one). It’s ok, even smart to give yourself love. You cannot give from an empty place. You will burn yourself and also turn resentful. Take care of yourself each day.

Just in case no one told you today...

You matter

I see your progress

& you are way stronger

than you think.


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